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Spokane & The Outdoors

Because Spokane is such a diverse place with four full seasons, you have so many options outdoors for any time of year (except when it rains, who wants to deal with that mess?) Summer really is the most enjoyable time of year [for me 😊.] Up until a couple years ago I wasn’t what most people would refer to as an “outdoorsy person,” but I’ve been expanding my horizons—plus I am an impulse shopper and bought kayaks on Amazon Smile (<–everyone should use Amazon Smile!!!!) so now I need to use them.

Since Spokane is in the PNW and so centrally located, there are great opportunities, and if you are ever able to experience all of those (which is unlikely), then you still have unlimited possibilities within driving distance – Idaho, Montana, Canada!

While camping isn’t really my forte, there are numerous areas with pristine campgrounds and you could always pitch a tent in a

national forest (if it’s allowed in that area.) Many of these wonderful campgrounds have water access which is great for families and those who enjoy going for a swim, fishing or who bringing water “toys” like jet skis and boats! [Here are four popular camping spots near Spokane:]

Fishing is something my husband is really into.. but me? I can’t really do it without him because I can’t bait my own hook (worm guts… ewww.) But when we do go out, we generally head over to Williams Lake near Cheney, WA which is stocked each spring with Rainbow Trout and Westslope Cutthroat. We take our kayaks and having a relaxing time on the lake! Liberty Lake is another great local area for all kinds of fish—so make sure you know how to identify them before you go! Liberty Lake also has a beautiful park connected with expansive trails and camping. It is diverse with the surrounding wildlife, and it’s only a few minutes to the store in case you forgot to bring anything. [Fishing Prospects Calendar:]

Fishing isn’t the only thing you can do at the lake though. There are tons of gorgeous beaches for swimming! My favorite is Lake Coeur d’Alene. It has sandy beaches, grassy areas and a couple kid’s parks just off the water. The area next to the beach often doubles as a venue for

street fairs, food vendors and art shows. It really is the perfect setting for a relaxing walk, jog or hike through the adjacent wooded area which is a popular location for local photographers and senior photos.

Water isn’t the only thing the Spokane has to offer though! The area is dense with hiking trails for those who like to get out and get lost in the woods.  [From The Inlander: Hikes Every Local Should Do] I mostly use Washington State Trails App which allows me to download the maps so I can use them on the go (AKA when I get out of cell phone range and can no longer find my way back to the car.)  Another great place to go for ideas is REI which is a few miles North of the Spokane River on Monroe St. near downtown Spokane.  REI provides many group activities at their location, around Spokane and abroad. It’s a great resource to find new places and meet new people! [REI Spokane:]

If these activities aren’t quite enough to quench your desires, there is always roller blading the Centennial Trail which connects Spokane and Coeur d’Alene [] or biking on the 15 mile Hiawatha Trail at the Idaho/Montana border. There are always fun activities just a stone throw from home!


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