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Selling Your Home… The Easy Way

The Hassle Free Listing is a program to sell your home that is unlike what many other agents offer. It is a hybrid program that allows a seller to continue to market their home through their own efforts and still reap the rewards if they find a buyer on their own. The process offers a variable commission structure which discounts the commissions paid to the listing agent given they meet certain criteria. This can mean going the “for sale by owner” route, having the option of the listing agent still draft paperwork, or choosing a full service listing where they can kick back and not worry about anything.  The structure appeals to all sellers and there is no “fine print” tricking you into paying the listing agent – it really is up to you!


The fee structure varies from 0% to 6% with middle amount based on the varying conditions laid out below:

0% – Since this is a “listing agreement” we will have your home marketed just as we would any other listing, but the advantage here is that if you are able to procure a buyer on your own and decide that you will handle everything through closing and do not want our assistance, you pay nothing. This is especially advantageous to those who are wanting to go “for sale by owner,” but still have the safety net of a real estate agent.

2% – This is a middle ground between going “for sale by owner” and hiring a full-service real estate agent.    For 2%, a licensed real estate agent will draft the paperwork if you find a buyer. So if you find someone, we will write everything up for you and get it to the closing table. (minimum $1000)

4% – If we hold your listing and find a buyer for your home with no other agent involved, the commissions paid are 4%.

6% – This tier is what many agents offer as their listing agreement. We represent you as the seller and another agent represents the buyer – the 6% is split and each agent receives half (3% each.)


While this package is variable depending on where the buyer comes from, it offers flexibility and options for those who wish to be very involved in the search for the next owner of their home and those who wish to kick their feet back and “relax” until closing.


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