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    Which outdoor projects provide the most bang for your buck in resale value?

    By Sheri Nowlan | October 24, 2016

    Are you thinking of putting your house on the market and want to boost your curb appeal?  Struggling to figure out what projects will provide the most return on your investment?  Check out this report “2016 REMODELING IMPACT REPORT: OUTDOOR FEATURES” published by the National Association of Realtors for guidance.   Curious what your home... Read More


    By Sheri Nowlan | October 10, 2016

    As the leaves start to turn beautiful fall colors and the air becomes just a little more crisp, we all start to crave our pumpkin spics lattes and pastries.  But something else the chill in the air should prompt us to do is fall weather home maintenance items.  Just as spring cleaning has some basic... Read More

    CLOSING COSTS – What does that mean really?

    By Sheri Nowlan | August 15, 2016

    Understanding Buyer Closing Costs Most people who are in the market for a new home are unaware of the costs associated with purchasing a home and moving.  Closing costs can be expenses that may be overlooked, especially for first-time home buyers. The amount of the closing costs will depend on where you live, the type of... Read More

    BUYING VS RENTING A HOME – When to jump into home ownership?

    By Sheri Nowlan | July 18, 2016

    When is the right time to transition from renting to home ownership?   When it comes to a home, you have two options: BUY or rent.  What is right for one person may not be right for another, which is why it’s important to know which is the best option for your individual situation.   WHY PEOPLE RENT... Read More

    Exciting Spots to Visit in Spokane!

    By Karl Kennedy | May 9, 2016

    These 6 places and things to do are definitely Spokane’s main tourist attractions and for a excellent reason too! If you’re visiting beautiful Spokane, here are a few of the cities most popular interests. 1.Riverfront Park Apart from the stunning scenery, Riverfront Park includes several attractions for year round entertainment and fun! The Looff Carousel, which has... Read More


    By Admin | April 20, 2016

      I feel so lucky to live in Spokane because it is such a runner friendly city. Having had the privilege to live all over our country, I am so grateful for the courtesy of our local Spokane drivers and the friendliness of the other walkers and runners I encounter. Every morning when I am... Read More


    By Sheri Nowlan | March 23, 2016

    Why I love the Pacific North West It wasn’t very long ago that I received a call from a friend asking if Spokane was a “good” place to live.  She had recently graduated college and was surveying different parts of the country before deciding where she wanted to settle down and start her future.  Even... Read More

    Buying Your First Home: Seven Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

    By Admin | March 16, 2016

    Conquer that fear and get into the home ownership game today!  Here’s how: Now that you’re considering purchasing your first home, hearty congratulations are in order!  Becoming a homeowner, especially for the first time, can stir up some feelings of anxiety and excitement.  With the knowledge that you gain through individual research and the help of... Read More

    WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME! What makes a cozy local hangout?

    By Sheri Nowlan | March 3, 2016

      “Norm!”  We all remember the feeling of familiar warmth that came when the occupants of Cheers shouted out their greeting to Norm.  And if we’re honest, don’t we all want to walk into an establishment and feel the same warm welcome?  Well in and around  SPOKANE Spokane, we’ve discovered some great locally owned restaurants,... Read More


    By Sheri Nowlan | February 10, 2016

      What to do now so you’ll be seeing GREEN come SPRING!   This time of year is a tough one for the flower and grass lovers here in the Pacific North West.  While I love to enjoy a white Christmas and love to hit those ski slopes during the winter months, February always brings with it... Read More