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Looking for a Summer project?

Low-cost projects:

Repaint or install a new front door! This is a very easy one. Even if you are repainting it the same color, a fresh coat can certainly liven things up.

Spruce up your yard: reseeding and fertilizing can go a long way. You could also step it up and include new shrubs, trees or other types of landscaping.

Update lights on the exterior of your home; a new porch or garage light fixture could change a lot!


Mid-range projects:

Add insulation. Most people think this is only important in the winter, but what about in the summer when you are trying to keep the cool in, and the heat out?

Minor indoor remodeling could change the dynamics of your home. This could be repainting the interior, getting a new bathroom vanity or changing light fixtures. This is a good one for a hot day when you’re trying to stay inside but still be productive!

Replace blinds. Getting updated blinds that are all the same is huge! This helps with the flow from room-to-room and won’t break the bank.


High-end projects:

Replacing windows throughout the home with energy-efficient replacements can save tons of money when it comes to heating and cooling the house.

Building or replacing your deck or patio. Outdoor living is a huge appeal and has the ability to increase your home’s value, if done right.

Re-side or repaint the exterior of your home.  Summer isn’t always the best time to do this, but it’s always a good time to get a quote and see when the company is able to fit you in.


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