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Greenbluff is famous in the Spokane area. While Spokane is a “big” city, there are an abundance of farm fields not far from downtown, but if you’re looking for a real farm experience yourself, Greenbluff is the place to go. They grow numerous different types of crop and some of the farms even have other types shipped in and are set up like a scaled-down grocery store (with a big focus on fresh produce.) They also offer the opportunity for their guests to go out and pick their own produce when they come into season.  While many do it for the experience of “farm-to-table,” it is also cheaper if you pick it yourself!

Most of the farms specialize in certain crops such as apples, berries, corn, peaches, etc; but, many of them still grow other produce on a smaller scale. The reason I go out is because I do home preservation (canning, jelly/jams, dehydrating) and it is usually cheaper and much easier to find what I want out in the field that going through all the produced stacked in the grocery store.


Some of the farms also have local vendors with tents that come up and sell homemade goods. There are pumpkin and huckleberry donuts (SOOOO GOOD), pickled veggies, pies, bags and more. Besides what the local vendors have to offer, many of the farms also have items that are made on site such as pies, dumplings, farmhouse décor and more. A great place to check out if you’re into the vintage-y home design is High Country Orchard. It can get pretty crammed in there on a busy weekend, but they have the most amazing Pinteresty-HGTV-DIY-decorations you can imagine—everything you can imagine, from magnets to metal wall hangings.

Greenbluff also has breweries and wine cellars. A personal favorite is Big Barn Brewing. The owners are amazing, and the venue is beautiful. They brew their beer from berries, hops and grains grown on their farm, Bodacious Berries, which is adjacent to the brewery. They often have live music and food trucks on the property for their guests too! [They have a calendar on their website for events:]

Fall time is Greenbluff is extremely popular because of their u-pick pumpkin patches, cider and of course.. their corn maze! Even if you don’t like crowds you need to go up at least once just to experience it!

For more information on Greenbluff visit:
On their website you can find a map of all of the farms as well as a growers schedule for when produce typically becomes available

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