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Bored & Indoors?! We can help.

10 Things to do when you can’t do anything else…

1. Catch up on all your favorite shows.

If you needed an excuse, here it is. You most likely don’t have much going on. Dust off your Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ accounts and see what you’ve missed out on! If you are looking for permission, we are giving it to you.

2. Learn a new recipe

Cooking can be a struggle when you find yourself wrapped up into a busy schedule. Why don’t you take this time to learn a new recipe (or a few) and do some experimenting. Due to lack of supplies at most grocery stores, you might have to be creative and try out different flavors, seasonings, ingredients, etc. but that is what makes it fun and allows for more learning to take place!

3. Learn the Ukulele (or a different instrument)

It is sad to say that many of us don’t spend as much time as we would like to try something brand new. Learning an instrument can come with huge benefits to our constantly working brains. It allows for perseverance, new brain patterns to be created and not to mention, a new party trick! Ukulele’s aren’t the most expensive instrument and can be delivered right to your door within two business days. (Thanks, Amazon!)

Now… this option does require perseverance and patience. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t figure it out immediately. It is beneficial for you to go through the challenges and continue to keep trying. Good luck!

4. Workout… from home

This one, although it doesn’t sound as fun can help you feel a little better if you are starting to get really bored from being stuck inside. There are plenty of apps and YouTube videos to direct you into whatever kind of home workout you prefer. (Even yoga!) My favorite app is the Nike Training Club App that allows you to choose both the intensity and the amount of equipment accessible to you. Try out something new or develop a new workout plan so that when the gym’s open back up, you are already prepared to get back to action.

If you are not a regular gym-goer, that doesn’t mean you can’t do this too! This is a great time to get comfortable with your workouts so that if you decide to get into a gym later, you won’t feel the pressure of going to the gym or not knowing what to do.

6. DIY a new project

For those that are super bored, DIY is always a fun way to switch up the normal routine and create something that you can use or decorate around the house with! DIY’s are always fun because this is something you can include the whole family on. Next stop, Pinterest for ideas!

5. Uncover the dusty books & READ!

I think we all are well aware that we should probably read more. Fortunately, we now have the time to get wrapped up into a good book! If there are any books that maybe you’ve thought about reading but just didn’t get around to, you should have more than enough time now! Let us know your favorite books so we can get started too!

7. Do a puzzle

Puzzle’s are a great way to use up time and do something with the family as well. There are a wide array of options available online for delivery if you don’t already have some tucked away at home!

8. Deep clean

Get your spring cleaning done early while you have the time! Also, it just makes sense due to the current state of the world to disinfect your surroundings. Cleaning can be hard to get started but once you do, and once it is all done, the sense of accomplishment is there.


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