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1st Time Seller

Finding an agent you trust is a huge step towards selling your home. Many people make the mistake of using an agent just because they are friends

with him/her, but often times friends don’t make the best agents because there is a lack of professionalism in the relationship. Many times you are treated like a “friend” throughout the process, when you really need someone who is going to treat it as a business transaction. When you remove the relationship portion from the equation, you are often left with a real estate agent who feels the need to go the extra mile because referrals as the life blood of their business.


Make sure that you are READY to sell. This means getting all the last minute fixes and home improvements you had planned done BEFORE you hit the market.  Today’s real estate market relies heavily on first impressions. This is because most buyers find their home on the internet just by looking at pictures – if your home isn’t already lookin’ exactly how you want it to be when a buyer walks through the door, then get the leg work done before you get pictures!

Agents and a “brokerage” are two separate things… sort of. While someone may have negative feelings towards a specific agent, that doesn’t necessarily accurately reflect the brokerage; and likewise having dislike for a brokerage doesn’t necessarily mean that the agent will exhibit the same behaviors that gave you the bad taste in your mouth.

PAY ATTENTION TO THE MARKET! Pricing is one of the most important factors in selling your home and “netting” what you want/need out of the transaction. Sometimes this means it is okay to “over price” your home, and sometimes that is a terrible idea. It really depends on the market trend, but this can lead to a guessing game. That is why it’s important to hire a LOCAL agent who knows the market in your specific area. A great way to find an agent in your area is if you know another somewhere else, you can reach out for their recommendation. They can often find you someone who specializes in your type of home, area or is at least a good fit personality-wise.


Declutter and “de-decorate!” While this should be done before pictures, it’s always a good idea to keep this in the back of your mind throughout the process. It’s hard for a buyer to envision themselves living in a home that is laden with your family portraits and eccentric décor – this doesn’t mean take everything down though!! Just enough for it to feel “homey” and allow the buyer to picture themselves living in the home.


Upgrades are only as good as what someone will pay for them! Many people think that they need to buy new appliances, completely redo bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Sometimes things like that may be needed, but often simple upgrades can mean the difference in getting a buyer to write an offer.  A good go to is almost always paint! While most people don’t enjoy the smell of new paint, it does offer a “new” feeling to those viewing the house. Another cheaper option is replacing carpets. This isn’t always something that needs to be done, but many buyers aren’t looking to buy a home that “needs” work as soon as they move in.


Lastly, don’t assume that you can only sell your home in the Spring. This is a common misconception among sellers and one that can hurt them in the selling process. Sometimes waiting is a good idea, but talking with an agent for advice is generally the best route.  Things to consider when going to sell is how many homes will your home be competing with? During the spring, many people list their home thinking it’s the best time so there is a high influx of inventory – meaning buyers [usually] have a lot more options. On the flip side of things, in months that are typically thought of as slower there is less inventory, so buyers have higher odds of seeing your home. This isn’t always the rule of thumb, but taking all other factors out – there are less homes to view, so the odds fall in the seller’s favor.



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